We are Hiring
-Employment Policy
KoreanMart does not have particular employment terms or periods.
We are looking for professionals, experienced, and entry-level workers.
We are searching for a passionate, energetic workers who love to take on tough challenges for better future.
We will open up your future for you.

-Employment Segmentation
1. IT/technical experts: MS Solution (MS, SQL, VB, VC++, MS Exchange, ASP, etc.), Dot Net experts(?)
2. Web and Program Application Developers.
3. Graphic Related: Web User-Interface and Software Designers, Direct Mail/Banner Ad Designers.
4. Business Solution(?): Minimum 5 years+ experience.
5. Consultants: both experienced and entry-level.

Please attach a Resume (include a picture) and a cover letter in Word or PDF format to your e-mail and send it to info@KoreanMart.com.
Once submitted, your resume and cover letter will not be returned regardless of employment decision.
Successful candidates will receive individual notice for further action.

-Further Inquiries
Please send additional inquiries to: info@KoreanMart.com

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