Import & Export Services
Import Services

All merchandise coming into the United States must clear U.S. Customs and Border Protection and is subject to Customs duty, unless specifically exempted by law.
Clearance involves a number of steps, which include inspection and appraisement.
Import shipping and customs law requires that duty be paid on goods entering the county, according to its official classification from a tariff schedule.
Sometimes a surety bond is required, and some types of goods must meet admissibility standards, with proper permits secured in advance by the importer.
At Koreammart, our licensed, professional import services team has years of experience and ensures your goods sail smoothly through the U.S. Customs process,
which can be fraught with delays and frustrations for the uninitiated.
Our representative will determine whether your import shipping needs require door-to-door forwarding service, U.S. Customs clearance, or both.
We’ll contact our worldwide network of agents to work with your foreign contact to ship the merchandise properly.
We’ll prepare the bills of lading, organize forwarding, handle the U.S. Customs clearance, tariffs and duty, and any related fees.

If there is a problem, we’ll know what to do to fix it.
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Import services specialist James Kim works directly with several U.S. companies who import furniture, plumbing supplies, auto parts, glassware, steel and jewelry from foreign countries.
From his computer, directly connected to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) service, Marcella efficiently handles clients’ needs to bring the goods into market.
Export Services

Buyers and sellers wishing to export goods will benefit from the deep knowledge and experience of our KoreanMart professional freight forwarding staff.
Our export services team navigates the latest regulations, minimizes paperwork, expedites transit, and lowers shipping costs with truly personalized service.
KoreanMart representatives attend the latest seminars and keep abreast of industry changes.
Sungme Lee, an export services professional in our New York office,
has been guiding shippers on export shipping logistics and the best way to move their goods via sea, truck and air since 1980.
As a freight forwarding expert, she knows to ask if certain merchandise is temperature or moisture sensitive,
and should be booked below a steamship’s deck, or if certain airlines should be avoided for excess delays.