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Steam & Vacuum Steam Washer
by Seven Carwash Korea Inc.
Shipping Country : South Korea
Brand : Seven Carwash Korea Inc.
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Product Description
The CL1700 GOLD is a combination of vacuum cleaner, chemical tank, and various nozzles, with strong output power (three persons can use simultaneously), 24 hour working time, and one-touch all automatic system. As long as water supply is continuous, it is capable of cleaning the car, facilities, carpets, windows, and floors, and especially shows not only an excellent cleaning effect but also strong sterilization effect anywhere. Additionally, it has a vacuum-cleaning function to suck heavy dust from the inside. Besides, it has multiple uses as a steam/vacuum cleaner available for car wash and house/industrial cleaning. It is a steam cleaning system without the wetness, no blast residue, and no erosion. Steam uses less water and provides an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution for heavy industries.
FUEL Diesel or kerosene
POWER SUPPLY 220–230 V, 50/60 Hz (1.3 kW vacuum motor)
VACUUM (mmH2O) 500
MAXIMUM STEAM PRESSURE 9 bar / 130 psi (10 m hose) 6 bar / 87 psi (steam vacuum hose)
DETERGENT QUALITY Liquid type (no bubbles)
DRY STEAM CAPACITY 0.3 kg/min, 168℃ system temperature
STEAM PRESSURE HOSE 10 m + 4 m (steam vacuum)
STEAM PRESSURE LANCE Bronze, 120 mm long, Ø2.8 mm
OPTION 500 mm long
BODY HOUSING Stainless steel
WHEEL Full rubber, 5 inch
ACCESSORIES Gun with hose Upholstery tool, window tool, lancer Steam vacuum hose Carpet nozzle (option)
DIMENSIONS(mm) 500 (W) × 1,200 (L) × 850 (H)
WEIGHT 105 kg (excluding accessories)
  • Three persons can use it simultaneously (saves time).
  • Customer satisfaction, owing to the interior and exterior cleaning
  • Easy control S/W for steam, vacuum, and detergent functions
  • Stainless steel body protects against rust corrosion
  • Micro-computerized one-touch, auto-start/stop system
  • User-interface LED lamp signals and alarm system that alert users when necessary
  • Four-fold safety device
Company Profile


  • Seven CarWash Korea Inc. was founded in 2005. Since then, we have developed and manufactured steam jet car-washing machines as one of the best professional cleaning equipment companies in Korea.
  • The company logo comprises 3 themes, including: white - cleaness, green - eco-friendliness, and blue - freshness, all of which together signifies our mission.
  • With continual research into new and existing technologies, we continue to secure our place in the international community. It is our mission to produce cleaning machines and supplies that are both effective enough to meet and exceed our customer's needs, and to better protect and preserve the environment.
  • We pursue easy to use, stable, and economic products, always listen to customer opinions, and reflect these in our products. Through ceaseless feedback, not even ceasing after purchase, we try to produce our products by being a continuous partner with our customers.
  • In addition, focusing on the topic, 'eco-friendly', we do our best to develop the most effective technologies from small energy consumption and minimizing environmental pollution.
  • Seven CarWash Korea considers customer satisfaction our top priority, and will lead the cleaning industry through exacting quality control and prompt service.

Company History

  • Participated in H.K Electronics Fair in Hong Kong
  • Participated in Korea premium products show in Thailand
  • Participated in Automechanika in Vietnam
  • Participated in Automechanika in Dubai
  • Participated in a carwash show in the United States
  • Established a joint distribution center in Santiago, Chile
  • Established a joint distribution center in Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Established a joint distribution center in Dubai, UAE
  • Selected as a promising export firm by SMBA
  • Selected as a venture company
  • Participated in ISSA 2011, Warsaw, Poland
  • Obtained Korea–EU FTA exporter certificate
  • Obtained Korea–ASEAN FTA exporter certificate
  • Obtained SASO certificate
  • Obtained Korea–ASEAN FTA exporter certificate
  • Established a joint distribution center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Obtained CE certificate for SVC777
  • Concluded and shipped a USD 0.2 million contract to UAE in October
  • Developed the first steam/vacuum cleaner in Korea
  • Obtained the first PED certificate in the steam carwash machine industry, in September
  • Concluded and shipped a USD 0.2 million contract to Egypt
  • Concluded a USD 0.2 million contract to Turkey
  • Concluded and shipped a USD 0.15 million contract to Algeria
  • Obtained CL1700 CE certificate
  • Concluded a USD 0.5 million contract to Saudi Arabia
  • Obtained SP7000 CE certificate
  • Participated in Messes, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Obtained SGS certificate
  • Obtained ISO 9001 certificate
  • Concluded and shipped a USD 0.6 million export contract to Taiwan
  • Concluded and shipped a USD 1 million export contract to western United States
  • Obtained a certificate of utility model
  • Converted to a corporation

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