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Chaga Mushroom Extract
by KomeWell
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Product Description

-Boost the Immune System 
-Reduce high blood sugar 
-Reduce cholesterol levels
-Powerful antioxidants

Suggested Use : As a dietary supplement, 
take two capsules one time per day with water.

Company Profile

KomeWell conducts extensive studies on various naturally derived functional ingredients and continues to develop functional food and cosmetic products.
In order to secure the founding technology and commercialization, our R&D Center have implemented joint research activities with government-funded research agencies and university research labs, on the basis of C&D, an open research and development strategy. Through it, we promote efficacy evaluation, stability study, standardization of quality management and more to obtain various results of basic studies in ingredients development and their commercialization and continues to invest in development of new materials and commercialization.

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